my mother also listened to me

The drama that keeps high viewing rate as ever “It is a shame but useful to escape”.

In the seventh episode of the last time, Moyamoya of a sudden kiss on honeymoon was also dissolved, and I thought whether happy love relationship would continue, and Tsizaki rejected Misaki seeking progress Is it because she is embarrassed? The rapid development that goes out of the house.


This is an expansion that was not even a manga version, so even if I am reading a manga version, I do not understand a bit in the future. Perhaps it will become a drama original episode for the final round?

Tsuzaki (Hoshino Gen) has become a form rejecting the search for progress (Aragaki Yui).

Even from the next day, whenever Kirigiri remembers it, she gets embarrassed.

And one night, Mikuri left home.


Yuri (Ishida Yuriko) who was worried about not knowing detailed circumstances calls her, and he answers “I can not return now”.


Actually Mikuri was returning home. Because my mother was having trouble with broken legs, I was returning to helping my parents’ housework. However, I felt happy that I could escape from the days I spend with embarrassing feelings at the moment.

And in Tsunzaki I left a note that I will return home for a while.

However, although the parents home who returned home are not working in the country, they are comfortable and can not return to Tsuzaki already … Mikake.


Meanwhile, Tsuzaki Momi-guri was giving up that it might not come back any more.

Meanwhile, Tsuzaki goes out for drinking with company Hino (Fujii Takashi), Numata (Furuta Shinta), Kazami (Otani Ryohei).


Then, Kazami said “I do not know the circumstances, it is a day off from my usual domestic aid, I am off this week,” he says to Hino.

Then, Tsuzaki talks back “Do not say such a thing if you do not know”.

“I do not know the circumstances, but Kimi says that I may be able to see Mr. Tsunzaki.

“You and I are fundamentally different.The things you see are different and it is natural!”

And Tsuzaki was drunk as it was, and on the way back, I returned to the lily car called Numata and put it home.


Tsuzaki got home and looked inside the refrigerator and noticed Tsukasaki’s worried about Tsukisaki in each Tappa that contained the dishes that Mikuri made from stock.


The next day, a telephone came suddenly from Tsunzaki.
Tsuzaki starts talking with morogas.

“I want to apologize.I have no female experience.That what I first thought at that night was what I would do if I failed.What things I thought of Mikuri who was rejected are totally at my head I am sorry, I was afraid of being known as inexperienced. ”

“I knew, my mother also listened to me, but such a thing was not a big problem for me, but what I was rejected was a shock, but I returned to Room 303 I want to meet again and talk to you properly! ”

“I will see you soon and see a hug for Tuesday …”



And Tsuzaki ran with running the phone. To tell the truth, it came close to the house of Mikuri.

However, at that time, Mikuri had come near the house of Tsukasaki with a miser.


Eventually, that night Tsuzaki is told by parents of Mikuri to stay in a brute force.

However, I was sending sneaky e – mails with Mikuri.

“I will wait to see you again tomorrow.”

“Please wait”

my mother also listened to me

Do you stay with me until morning?

The drama “Run away is shameful but useful” finally approaches the final round (The last round seems to be the 11th episode on December 20 (Tuesday)).

Episode 9 will be broadcast on December 6 (Tue).


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By the way, in the previous 8 episodes, there was a danger that the relationship between Tsuzaki and Miyuki who came back to the parents house was created, there was a danger that it would end like this, but in the end it could be reconciled, It was a feeling.

Tsunzaki (Hoshino Genichi) came home from the family home of Mikuri (Aragaki Yui) and they came back to life together again. The two who met for the first time in a long time made a hug by compromising each other.
“I understand what Mikuri says before, he heals me”


However, while Mikuri felt happiness, Tsuzaki had doubts about whether he really liked himself.

I am pleased with the first person who seemed to be my first lover, and it seems that I do not have to be himself separately.

On the other hand, I could not believe that Tsuzaki Momi-guri likes himself.


Meanwhile, when Mikuri goes out, he happens to see Tsuzaki walking with a woman, Igarashi who is a worker (Rio Uchida), by two people.

Actually, although Kazami (Ryohei Otani) was also with him, Tsuzaki and Igarashi go for dinner because the Kazami has returned.
I doubt that she is cheating.


Meanwhile, Yuri (Ishida Yuriko) will be with Kazami on the way home from work.

Yuri who was in a situation with his boss and said “You can not get married until that year,” Yuri, who was depressed after being charged with his backs, said, “I can have someone brave enough for a single Alafif woman like me, It seems that you can rest assured that you have it. ”

Kazei says sorrowfully, “Please do not say such a thing”.

The lily heard it will cry tears. “That, why me …”

Kimi covered the body of the lilies and took a hand on the wall, hiding such a hundred from the eyes of others.


As Tsunzaki returned home, it seemed that Mikuri was angry somewhere.

Tsuzaki to grasp the hands of the camera and talk to her. “Oh, I’m sorry I have touched you without permission”

“I hope you can touch it, because you are Hirano, so why do not you understand, I do not like it anymore”

“Does that mean I do not want to live with me, you are in trouble, Mikuri is no longer an easy-to-leave one for me”

“I’m sick of cowardly, I will love it more and more when I say that, I will love you all.”

“I like it … I am also”

“It seems I forced you to say, not as an employer, is it?”

“Yes of course”

“But I was just seeing you ago, with a cute girl.”

“I’m sorry if I do not … I am not getting in the way … did it make me jealous?”

“It is decided so! Hirano’s fool already”

“I thought it would be nice if Mr. Mikurikuri liked me, I always thought, but I tried not to think about it …”

And two people hugging.

“Is it okay if I can hug out if it is not Tuesday from this time?”

“Any day, anytime, even by morning”

“Do you stay with me until morning?”

Tsuzaki talks to me so strongly.


Meanwhile, the company in Tsuzaki decided to shrink the department by the influence that the main customer was acquired. Several restructuring candidates were listed.
Tsukasaki’s name is also there ….

Do you stay with me until morning?

Tsuzaki for the first time fails once

Tsuzaki (Hoshino Gen) and Mikuri (Aragaki Yui) who told each other’s feelings and told them to stay together until the morning.

However, Tsuzaki for the first time fails once. Still somehow, I crossed the wall and shared the night with night.

And two people have become love relationships. Tsuzaki then asked me to stop the housekeeping of the Kazami family. It was because I was curious to imagine Kazami and two people.


Meanwhile, Mikuri was helping her friend Yan’s greengrocer, forced to take him to a drinking party in a shopping street.

So we tried to propose the opportunity of shops that are bothering us to revitalize the shopping street, trying to organize Aozora City at a shrine nearby, Mikuri. Then, the shopkeepers also became motivated, and Mikuri decided to help that blue sky city as a work while paying 3,000 yen daily.


Tsuzaki is said to have been raised as a company restructuring candidate from Numata (Shinta Furuta).

Because Tsuzaki was excellent because the stick was expensive, it was not because he actually got married but there were no families to support.

Tsuzaki to start changing jobs immediately after listening to it.


On the other hand, Yuri (Ishida Yuriko) and Kazami (Ootani Ryohei) were a little awkward since the day when Yuri cried in front of Kazami.

Meanwhile, Kimimi invited me to eat lilies on the phone.


So Yuri said “What do you mean by this time? Do not say such a thing”. Because I feel painful? I ask.

“Yuri-san is cool, but I just thought that it is not necessary to forcibly become someone’s role model”

“I did not mean to forcibly, but it certainly is, but thanks, you protected me.”

“I did not want to show it, I did not want to show it, to anyone.”

“Please come and visit us again this time, so I will have you delicious wine with my nephew award”

“Do you think that you are seriously a nephew … … I wish to embrace Yuri-san?”

“Do not make fun of your aunt!”

As I said so, the lily went hurried.


One day, Tsukasaki is invited to eat out at night.

And when Mikuri headed to the meeting place, Tsuzaki had booked a fine restaurant.

Actually Tsuzaki had been booking a popular restaurant for anniversaries a few days ago.

And Tsuzaki started talking as I decided when my meal ended.

“I did not have a ring yet because I did not understand the size …. Mikuri, let’s get married properly and I thought it was a marriage impossible story, but I met Mikuri It has changed. ”

Then I begin to explain that those who married are reasonable to calculate future savings.


“Please wait, why did you want to enroll?” To hurry and stop.

“The chance was restructuring”

“If you get married you will not have to pay my salary, so do you mean you want to get married?”

“Does Mikuri mean that she does not want to marry me, does not she like it?”

“I say such a thing is exploitation of” like “. I do not care anything because I like it. “

Tsuzaki for the first time fails once